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Motivational Speaking

Go with Greer Training High School
Greer speaking to a group of girls at The Lovett School about self-esteem and fitness.

Greer has a passion for enabling people to reach their fitness goals and empowering them to take control of their health as a top priority. She has experienced extremely difficult situations and physical setbacks, including three life-threatening ankle surgeries, spending six months of her life in bed, and being unsure if she would ever walk again. After a long and painful recovery process and re-learning how to walk , Greer discovered how much she loved helping others find the confidence to start an exercise program, recover from an injury, or learn to eat healthy.

She challenges her clients to rest and be thankful after every workout for their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength and then encourages them to get up and go. The first step to achieving optimal health is simply to start somewhere. Greer empowers people of all ages to begin their fitness journey by sharing her story and her wisdom in the area of health and fitness.

For more information, or to invite Greer to speak at your group, email her at info@gowithgreer.com

With each workout I learn something new, whether it’s how the muscles work during a run or what foods are best before and after I workout. And every session ends with an inspirational Bible verse in child’s pose. Thank you, Greer, for helping me get out of my rut!

-Anna Hill

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Motivational Topics:

  • Fitting fitness into your schedule
  • Healthy eating strategies
  • Hormones
  • Body image and self-esteem
  • Optimal nutrition for athletes
  • Optimal nutrition for pregnancy

Past Speaking Venues:

  • Atlanta’s Biggest Loser Trainer
  • High schools
  • Teen small groups
  • Garden clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Small and large companies
  • Working lunches
  • Seminars
  • Doctors offices