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As I look back on my last 30 years, I can remember specific coaches, teachers, friends, and family members that helped shape me into who I am today.
It was in all these moments that my self-esteem was built up and established.

I remember Coach McDaniel telling me that I could run fast or eat fast food but I couldn’t do both.

Stephanie telling me to seek God over boys.

Pastor Joe telling me I had a gift in leadership.

Teammates believing in me.

My parents constantly encouraging all my activities…

We ALL need that kind of support but it is CRUCIAL to get it in early! Which is why I held a young girl’s camp this weekend to pour into the precious girls in my neighborhood.
We did yoga, relay races, self-esteem building activities, ate fresh fruit, and laughed a lot!

I’m looking forward to doing this several times a year to show these girls that I believe in them. I want them to love and respect their bodies, set goals, and to GO dream BIG!!