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Today is the 3 month mark of persevering with all of my strength to get back to the life I had before pain tried to knock me down. It is actually pretty tough to even reflect on how miserable I was pre op. My quality of life was reduced to being practically home bound and living on my heating pad. That seems like a lifetime ago. I was never “comfortable”… ¬†and those first several weeks post op were challenging in extremely humbling ways as Bryan stepped up and helped me with everything from eating and dressing to moving and bathing. It wasn’t an easy road, but staying grounded in my faith, knowing this experience would help me positively impact others, and having incredible support allowed me to get to my huge milestone this week.

I had my 3 month post op check up Monday and I was stunned when Dr. Schrader showed us my X rays and said the words, “Look here (pointing to the 3 places in my pelvis he cut), the cuts we made are completely healed. You should try jumping and running.”

I didn’t take a picture of the X ray this week as I was in complete shock at our incredible news, but here is one at my 11 day post op visit.


I am so grateful to God, Bryan, my surgeon, my family and friends…

I have my life back!

I went to PT yesterday and got on the trampoline – pain free! Now, it will be a while before I can run since my quad muscle is still pretty weak (plus my knee and groin has been aggravated when I try and do too much walking due to muscle weakness) so we will take that one slow. I will practice what I preach to my clients: QUALITY over QUANTITY!

I am so thankful that I had this surgery! I am very much looking forward to working with more clients and getting my body strong again!