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SATURDAY, Day 4 SPRING CLEANING – Pantry Raid Style!

Pantryraid Collage
Ok, I will make this quick so you can enjoy your SATURDAY with lots of activity and time spent with family and/or friends!
I am sharing some pics of a pantry raid I did for a tv station down here in Atlanta.
2 big takeaways from these: getting rid of items with “sugar” as an ingredient and other items with ingredients you can’t pronounce!
Most of us know what we shouldn’t be eating, right? So let’s get rid of those things that are holding us back!
Bonus: Shoot a pic of what you throw away! If you are doing GREAT with your eating and don’t have anything to throw away, tell us about a recent swap you made (ex: avocado instead of mayo)
Check In:
1. Did you get your water in? (64 oz minimum!)
2. How did you fuel yourself today? (make it an 8 out of 10!)
3. Did you sweat? How?
4. Health food shake recipe?
5. BONUS: What did you CLEAN out of your pantry today that is holding you back from reaching your desired health goals?