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A Personal Trainer and her Pregnancy
Finding my niche 5 years ago in the training world, allowed me to step into a place of vulnerability, beauty, and inspiration that I would have never seen in a gym or clinical setting. A fire ignites in my soul...
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A Quilt of Adventure
My teenage passion for running (thanks to the incredible high school cross country coach, Chad McDaniel!) carried me through those vulnerable college years providing the stability and familiarity that was essential for this small town girl to survive a new...
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Seven Months Later and Happy to Be Pain Free
Now that I am 5 weeks post screw removal and seven months post PAO (periacetabular osteotomy), I feel it is time to train for my first 5k! I will SLOWLY and very intentionally build up my strength accordingly. It’s so...
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Officially Unscrewed!
I became officially unscrewed on July 10th, just 5 days shy of my 6 month post op milestone (more of my surgery milestones are on instagram @gowithgreer)! Even though I have had really low energy and some soreness the last...
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Go Getter’s Camp
As I look back on my last 30 years, I can remember specific coaches, teachers, friends, and family members that helped shape me into who I am today. It was in all these moments that my self-esteem was built up...
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Mandarin Oriental Exclusive Partnership
I recently have signed on to be Mandarin Oriental Atlanta’s Personal Trainer for guests and local Atlantans. I will be conducting Fitness Assessments, Personal and Small Group Training, as well as leading group classes. I am seeing clients currently on...
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3 Months Post PAO
Today is the 3 month mark of persevering with all of my strength to get back to the life I had before pain tried to knock me down. It is actually pretty tough to even reflect on how miserable I...
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Pantry Raid Accountability
Have you been curious about what it would be like to work with me online? Here is a little insight with a daily post in my most recent accountability group. The group includes daily posts of motivation, comprehensive meal guides,...
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