You don't have to go fast,
you just have to go!
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As a fitness expert and leader, Greer is passionate about educating and empowering her clients to achieve optimal health through efficient and effective workouts that will ENSURE SUCCESS in every aspect of their lives. She cares deeply about her client’s health and takes a whole-person approach to fitness.

“Life’s challenges take a toll on us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is so critical to get up and GO, not letting our obstacles hold us back. I challenge you to GO with me today. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, so long as you’re going.”
– Greer

About Greer

  • Seven Months Later and Happy to Be Pain Free

    Seven Months Later and Happy to Be Pain Free

    Now that I am 5 weeks post screw removal and seven months post PAO (periacetabular osteotomy), I feel it is time to train for my first 5k! I will SLOWLY and very intentionally build up...
  • Officially Unscrewed!

    Officially Unscrewed!

    I became officially unscrewed on July 10th, just 5 days shy of my 6 month post op milestone (more of my surgery milestones are on instagram @gowithgreer)! Even though I have had really low energy...